Learn to reverse chronic symptoms in your body by adopting & maintaining anti-inflamamtory eating without overwhelm or deprivation.

If you experience chronic health issues, such as joint pain, loss of energy, poor sleep, inability to lose weight, digestive disorders, auto-immune conditions, diabetes, brain fog, allergies, low energy, hormone imblances and skin conditions, this book is for you. 

In This Book You'll Find Out How To:

  • Swap out the top 6 inflammatory ingredients and still eat what you love
  • Detox from the foods that have been causing chronic inflammation
  • Experience health-based fat loss (no calorie counting or points system here)
  •  Stop cravings in their tracks
  •  Melt away inflammation
  •  Learn how to follow an anti-inflammatory diet while on the road or in the air
  • BONUS over 40 anti-inflammatory food swap recipes free of processed sugar, wheat, cow dairy, inflammatory oils, alcohol, and GMOs

Jenny Carr is an anti-inflammatory health coach, inspirational speaker and the international best selling author of the book Peace Of Cake: The Secret To An Anti-Inflammatory Diet. She survived a near death experience from a severe parasite infection that put holes through her organs, ate away some of her endocrine glands and put her into organ failure. To top it off, when the parasites died, they released four strains of the Lyme bacteria and an extremely rare virus that causes Leukemia. Her body was literally undersiege. Jenny experienced a miraculous healing in an expedited time from upholding her committment to anti-inflammatory living. Jenny specializes in helping people reverse chronic symptoms by adopting and maintaining anti-inflammatory eating without feeling deprived or overwhelmed. 

“Jenny provides the tips, tactics, and game-changing approaches to anti-inflammatory eating that won't leave you feeling deprived. She makes breaking free from a bad diet super easy.” 

- Vani Hari, Creator of FoodBabe.com and New York Times Bestselling Author of The Food Babe Way